Your Laugh Cry For Today

I wanted a dog growing up. I wanted one so badly I offered to sell my brother for the Humane Society pet fee because I’m the best sister in the world (Protip: Never offer to sell your brother). So I imagine that my reaction would be the same as this little girl’s if I had received a puppy at her age: » 4/25/15 6:54pm Saturday 6:54pm

Eva Chen and Ava DuVernay selected Barbie Sheroes

Today, Mattel released its Shero collection which features 6 women who they think inspire girls and women alike to live their dreams and dare to live outside of societies boundaries. Even though the Barbies are not for sell (COME ON MATTEL...TAKE MY MONEY). I am so happy to share that two of the six women featured are… » 4/24/15 1:55pm Friday 1:55pm

How Does Your County Demographics Look?

There is a interactive map of The United States that shows racial demographics of counties in each state. The map further breaks this down by age. » 3/06/15 2:39pm 3/06/15 2:39pm

For comparative reasons, here is the next county over breakdown: So tell me how does your county breakdown?

Live Action X-Men Series

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Fox is talks to adapt X-Men into a live action television series. While the 20th Century Fox stills owns the rights to the franchise that has produced X-Men movies to date, Marvel still owns the comic rights. » 1/27/15 10:49am 1/27/15 10:49am

ETA: I just couldn't resist. My heart wasn't in the right place for…
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