How About You Say That With Your Regular Account?

We notice you. We know you are a regular kinjaer. You know things that only someone who has been on kinja for a minute would know. For some reason you have something against WoC who kinja especially the BW of kinja specifically Ninjacate. You run around with weak ass troll attempts to invoke some type of emotion out… »7/05/14 6:16pm7/05/14 6:16pm

I just had a horrible day at work...funny and cute things needed

Long story short cause HIPPA and I am too tired to write it out: I got really angry with a patient who was essentially drug seeking. Patient threw hands in my face and I just reacted(and forgot where I was working) and got back in the patient's face. Luckily my boss was there to tell me to walk away or else I would… »8/26/13 8:44am8/26/13 8:44am