Kinja Twitter Etiquette: Your Guide to an Awesome Twitter Experience

This is just a nice little guide for those who are brand new to Twitter or are hesitate to join. This is a long post that required huge amounts of blood, sweat, and tears (okay, it didn't involved any of that) to write. Just like the Discussion of Kinja/GT Etiquette and Style post, each topic is in bold so you can skip … » 4/21/14 4:22pm Monday 4:22pm

Amazon Wishlist Part 3: Some Other Things I Found

Amazon is amazing. It has everything you could possibly think of except for a fighter jet to go with my tank. However, there are several items that are serious lacking. In the poster department, there is a lack of JJ Watt. In the knick knack department, there is a lack of JJ Watt items. In the clothing department,… » 4/17/14 10:41pm 4/17/14 10:41pm

Moar Things I Found For The Amazon Wishlist

Thanks for listening when I did my earlier depression post. There's an update but, for right now, I'm back to my regular random postings. I have really never paid attention to Amazon before the wishlist feature was discovered. All I can say is that I really love the feature. I'm the type of person that when someone… » 4/01/14 7:06pm 4/01/14 7:06pm

Being Afraid (TW: Depression)

I have done more adulting in this past week then I have done in the past several months…maybe even years. While there are pros and cons of adulting (YAY: turning in apartment application. Boo: Not having enough money to afford the move), every task has left me feeling better about myself. While I am excited for this… » 4/01/14 3:30am 4/01/14 3:30am